Farming Simulator 17 American Outback Map Mod 1.0 by somethingonmyshoe2

Download American Outback Mod FS17 For PC, MAC, PS4, XB1

Features: A map located in the American Outback.

Platform: PC/MAC, PS4, XB1


Author: somethingonmyshoe2


  1. I am really enjoying this map that you design and thank you for all your hard work
    I love all the sheds that you have got in the game for all our equipment on your farm I see that there are plenty of shrubs, trees and plants of all different colors the surroundings are beautiful to enjoy driving down a country road of the pictures scenery you’ve even give us a few fields of grass
    The only for small floor I have with the game and that is when you have paid the loan back you cannot get an another 1 so it will take a bit longer to buy equipment and fields
    But I would recommend this Map to anybody

  2. A really great map! Love it. Thanks for this one Mr. Shoe! Only question I have so far is why the selling points are not visible on the map?


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