GTA IV EFLC Los Santos Weather V Graphics Mod 3.1 by t-ru

Download GTA 4 EFLC Los Santos Weather V Mod

Changelog 3.1:

– Improved/fixed God Rays(Sun Shafts): Now the rays are visible only at mornings and evenings and 15 – 20% visible at middays.
– Improved the size and the position of the whole God rays.
– Fixed the God rays instantly(explosion) appearance and disappearance during sunrises and sunsets.
– Improved some vehicles lights and removed light spaces under the traffic lights, they are pointless and cartoons.
– Many other fixes!


Work only with the updates and

– GTA V Visuality: careful attention to all hours and weathers.
– Feeling of summer heat.
– If the Graphics Settings are maxed out the games will looks like the Current Gen.
– Turn off Night Shadows!!!
– No more harsh bloom, now the game use enb/icenhancer bloom effect!
– Volumetric sunlight, God Rays effect!
– Ambient occlusion SSAO_SSIL!
– V style clouds!
– V style el.light coronas with moving rays!
– Adaptation!
– Wet effect on the character and peds during rainy weathers!
– Ambient light around buildings during nights!
– Read the ReadMe.txt!


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