1995 BMW M5 E34 [Add-On] for GTA V by HitmanNiko

Download 1995 BMW M5 E34 By HitmanNiko

-HQ Exterior (FH3 Slod)
-HQ Interior
-Door Sills
-HQ Engine
-HQ Mirrors reflections
-HQ Tires,Brake Discs and Calipers
-Dirt/Burn mapping
-Working Lights
-High and low beam headlights
-Openable Sunglass (scoop) use Shift and Ctrl to adjust it
-Breakable Glass
-Movable Steering Wheel
-Player’s hands on the steering wheel
-Mirrors Collision
-Extra License plate
1 Front Bumper
Front Bumper Splitter
1 Rear Bumper
1 Side Skirt
2 Spoilers
4 Exhausts
Carbon Bonnet
2 Grills
Roll Cage
Custom Lights Textures (check Readme.txt to learn how to install them)


Author: HitmanNiko


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