Audi 90 quattro IMSA GTO for GTA V by SkylineGTRFreak

Download GTA 5 Audi 90 quattro IMSA GTO


Today I am bringing you a new race car for GTA V. This is the Audi 90 quattro as raced in the IMSA GTO championship 1989. A really wide and brutal car, just listen to the sound of the real life thing. This mod includes liveries #4 and #5 with their respective drivers (Stuck, Röhrl, Haywood and Goodyear).
The mod has full LOD levels ranging from very high quality L0 model to low poly L4 model for optimized game performance. Hands are on steering wheel and the instruments are working properly. Rear lights are working, front lights are covered, so those aren’t working.
Bonnet and trunk can be opened (yea I know, unrealistic) or removed to take a look at the chassis.
Windshield wiper is working when using the wipers script, but the model will also look fine without the script, so no worries if you don’t use it.

Original model from Project CARS


Author: SkylineGTRFreak


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