Minecraft Mod Apricorn Tree Farm by BeetoGuy


Features: Apricorn Tree Farm includes Apricorn tree world generation, Apricorn sapling crafting (disabled by default), and the potential for an extremely rare hybrid Apricorn, which could be used to craft Master Balls (don’t worry, this can be entirely disabled). If Better With Mods, IndustrialCraft2, or an RF-compatible mod is installed, different mechanical anvil variants can be used. All of these options can be disabled in the config. (If you don’t have an RF mod, you will probably want to disable the RF-compatible anvil in the config.)

Apricorn Tree Farm COMPATIBILITY

Better With Mods:

The Mechanical Driver Anvil uses mechanical power to hammer Apricorn discs into lids. Yes, this can explode when overpowered.
Master Ball discs will have a soulforged steel anvil recipe (enabled by default).
Apricorns and certain Pixelmon items will be registered with BWM’s buoyancy handler.

The Electric Driver Anvil uses EU to hammer Apricorn discs into lids.
The Electric Driver Anvil, or any Driver Anvil for that matter, can also hammer ingots into plates. (This can be done with any ingot and plate combo, but IC2 seems to be most relevant to mention this.)
Redstone Flux/Tesla:

The Energetic Driver Anvil uses RF or Tesla energy to hammer Apricorn discs into lids.
Just Enough Items:

The Driver Anvil recipes can be looked up via JEI. (Even if all the driver anvils are disabled, this will be enabled, since it gives you a convenient lookup for Pixelmon anvils.)
General compatibility:

If any mod adds steel ingots, Master Ball crafting will require steel Pokeball bases. (This is pretty much the only thing that isn’t configurable, since I felt that aluminum or iron bases would be pretty cheap to use if a stronger variant was available.)
Any other mod’s aluminum ingot can also be hammered into a Pixelmon aluminum plate via the Driver Anvil.

RECOMMENDATION: If you just want to use the Driver Anvils and don’t care about the trees or Master Ball crafting, feel free to disable all the relevant options and pick up Apricorn Automation, a nice alternative Apricorn harvesting solution that’s aesthetically similar to Pixelmon’s version of Apricorn bushes, but without the TESR rendering, and with auto-harvester compatibility.


Author: BeetoGuy


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