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My ChunkPregenerator mod is a very efficient way to generate a lot of chunks in a certain amount of time.

There are of course other ways to do the same things like this with vanilla or other mods.

But these are much slower and you have to do a lot of manual work to make it run properly.

Dynamic Main CPU Allocation: The Pregenerator pregenerates chunks dynamicly. Unlike other mods it will take as much Power from your PC/Server to generate chunks, but it will not overuse your CPU. It automaticly detects how much time per game tick is left and use it.
Generation Detection: The Pregenerator will automaticly detect and skip already generated chunks to reduce the amount of work that has to be done. To give a example: If you do the same pregeneration twice (for example 160k chunks) that would take about 10-20 seconds to check.
Very Efficient Processing: This mod has a Special ChunkSorting and Processing-Code and Caching System to allow the best Possible Performance. It will not speed up ChunkGeneration but it reduces the amount of the processing to a bare minimum to give all Time to the Generation.
Better Memory Managment: Chunk Pregeneration usually has a Big issue: Memory Leaks. Because of that massive ChunkGeneration over a short amount of time the Chunk you have usually a Memory overflow. This ChunkPregenerator uses on average 500MB-1000MB of ram while its processing. It was for 160k Chunks stable on that usage. While other chunk pregeneration mods had already a usage of 2-3GB Usage for 1/4 of the process. Sadly you can’t remove all memory usage completly.
Constant Information flow on what its doing. It tells you where it is generating. How much it has already done and what the average generation speed is. Also current Memory usage is included.


Author: Speiger


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