Minecraft Entimer’s World Mod by Entimer

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Entimer’s World is a forge mod for minecraft 1.10.2. Other versions are not developed yet.
Entimer’s World adds  some of ores such as tin, copper and silver. The ores are registred on Ore dictionary, so It can used for other mod.


Config File
You can find config file at config/esworld.cfg. You can change configuration about enable ore gen, miximum height, minimum height, ores per vein, veins per chunk.

Iron Nugget
In Minecraft 1.10, There’s not iron nugget. I think it is nedded, so I add it.

Wooden Tier Ore
can found at y0~y128

Stone Tier Ore
can found at y0~y128
Tin, Copper, Manganese, aluminium

Iron Tier Ore
can found at y0~y64
Nickel, Lead, Silver, Platinum

If you want add my mod in your mod pack
Use it whatever you want. It’s OK.


Author: Entimer


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