Minecraft Random Mod Update 1.7.10 by ModAssassin123

Download Random Mod For Minecraft v1.7.10 by ModAssassin123

Hello! Once you read this you musn’t stop! A new mod has just come out! The random Mod it has many new items and armour! Like Spiral Armour, Rainbow Armour and even REDSTONE AND ASTRAL ARMOUR! This mod has many amazing weapons like Bo Staffs, Swords, Axes, Maces and even a Jen Staff! This mod would be brilliant for you it allows you to have 4 sets of Lucky Block Armour, without needing to download it! YAY! Don’t Forget The Redstone. You could also use these weapons in PvP and many exciting games.

So please download this mod I would really APPRECIATE IT! Thank YOU SO MUCH!

Supports: 1.7.10


Author: ModAssassin123


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