Minecraft StructPro Mod (Fast Schematic Spawning System)

Download Minecraft Mod StructPro by Ternsip

Minecraft versions: [1.10.2], [1.11.2]

Latest mod version: 1.0

Dependencies: Forge

Tags: [World Generation], [Structure Spawn], [Schematic Control]

Repository: https://github.com/ternsip/StructPro

Previous variation: Placemod

Status: Ready to suggestions

License: You can freely distribute this mod. Just read license.

Parent: minecraftforum


Adds new functionality to the world generator. It automatically spawns various structures based on schematics during world generation on the server side. It works both with server and client-integrated server. Strutures can reach gigantic proportions and generates as quickly as possible. During the world exploration you can discover neatly pasted schematics that looks harmonically with environment. Any user can add arbitrary schematic to make it possible automatically appear in the world. Collected more than 2900+ great schematics and include them to standard mod releases. Mod config provides the ability to adjust spawn rates. There is possibility to generate villages constructed from schematic sets.


First time launching this mod with 3000 schematics consumes about 1-5 min in forge loading screen, because of reading new schematic entails appropriate calculating dump files to speed up pasting routine in future. If your schematic have ground level with grass, gravel, stone, dirt etc. it will dig down as it is necessary. if your scheme made roughly, paste process will automatically detect air outside of your structure and place it goodly. Creatures automatically spawns inside buildings. For example blazes and ghasts in nether, villagers in village, cave spiders in undergrounds. Every chest have random loot according to configuration and may reproduce some schematic-native items. I spent many time to identify the best approach of the problem of the most beautiful schematic insertion in the world. I realize that schematic cosmetic-configuring is very time-expensive, so I decide to entrust this job to computer. I figured out many ennobling approaches and sewed it all to the mod.


Arbitrary schematics supported
Compact village generation
Available all possible types of buildings: Common, Underground, Underwater, Afloat, Sky, Hill
Accurate pasting and position calculation with several nearby attempts
Handling any inconvenience things that may happen
Automatic schematic parsing and biome determination
Keep tile entities like in schematic (Text signs, Command blocks, Spawners, Chests, etc)
Random chest loot
Random mobs spawn-control
Automatic mob-population inside generated structures


Author: Ternsip


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