WMobility Mod Minecraft

Download WMobility by WThieves for Minecraft

The current version has a couple of things for you in store.
It currently features 4 vehicles, an Oldsmobile style car, a tractor, a dunebuggy styled car and a motorcycle.
All 4 vehicles can be crafted with a car platform, which in turn can be crafted by building a 3×3 grid of iron pressure plates, but leaving the middle one empty.
Then you craft the car platform itself with 6 stone pressure plates on the sides and 1 iron pressure plate in the middle and put that down in the circle of iron pressure plates, it will turn into a 3×3 car platform.
Each car features 5 stages of crafting, Chassis, Wheels, Engine, Electronics and Dye.
The crafting progress will be visible on the bottom of the car crafting window, and the items needed to finish the current stage will also be visible.


Author: WThieves


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