Motorsport Manager Database Editor v1.2.1 by Blizzer

Download Motorsport Database Editor by Blizzer

How it works:
After opening the application:
1 – Choose what you want to edit (e.g “Drivers”)
2 – Edit or Add information on the table
3 – Save info with the “Save File” button on the bottom (You can save anywhere but to test the changes, the file must be on “Modding\Databases” Folder of your Motorsport Folder, e.g C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Motorsport Manager\MM_Data\Modding\Databases). When app asks if you want to override the base file is to keep the changes the you made because you may have changed something that you just want to test and don’t want to keep those changes.
4 – On Game, start a new carrer and when choosing race length, currency, etc… you will see on the top right corner a slider saying “Test My Mods”. Activate it and you can test the changes you have made

* not a mod, but an application to help you on modding now that the game have workshop support.

Basically, the application reads the database base files that come with unitypackage provided (On application is on “Files” folder), transform them into a “table” that can be edited and saved on a new file that can be saved directly into Modding Folder.

At the moment, i don’t know how to create somethings like championships so i only tested it creating Drivers and Mechanics but you can edit every database file provided. If anyone knows how i can make the application better i would appreciated the suggestions!

For those you want to edit files that are not provided but are *.txt, just add those into “Files” folder that comes with the tool and you can edit them.

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