PES 2017 PC Sider Update 3.2.1 by juce collab nesa24

Download PES17 Sider by juce and nesa24

Changelog: updated sider.ini, so that it works with PES 2017 update 1.04

How it works:
You organize the files into folders, with root folder specified in sider.ini, in “cpk.root” option. Inside the root folder you will have “common”, and so on – as the structure of the game dictates. You can have multiple root folders, or “roots”. Think of these roots as basically unpacked CPK archives.

#1. run sider.exe – it opens a small window, which you can minimize
#2. run the game as you normally would

There is no longer a need for any special trigger (like keyboard key press) – Sider should automatically attach to the game, once it starts.



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