PES 2017 Sider Latest Version: 3.3.4 by juce collab nesa24

Download PES2017 Sider by Juce

Changelog Sider 3.3.4:

This is mostly a maintenance (bug-fix) release:

– [FIX]: In Master League games context object was filled with garbage after a goal or a foul (replay). This was also causing crashes, due to bad memory accesses. This is now fixed.
– [NEW]: get_stadium_name event : useful for stadium-server … You know, if there is one in the future 😉
– [CHANGE]: set_stadium event has been split into two different ones: set_stadium and set_conditions. Both events provide information about stadium, time-of-day, season, and weather, but they allow to change different parts of it: set_stadium – stadium only, set_conditions – timeofday, season, weather.

As usual, for all the details – see doc/scripting.txt.


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