Ride 2 Real Challenge Physics Mod Update 2.1 by Dyego JhOu

Download Ride2 Mod Real Challenge Physics by Dyego JhOu

Features: Physics mod for a more competitive feeling to the game.

Changes on cameras:

Cockpit => added inclination action and more instability at speeds;
Helmet => more instability at speeds;
Near Rear => Modified to a camera with more “action”;
Mid Rear => Default Near Rear;
Far Rear => Default Mid Rear;

Physics changes at lean angles and limits;
Revised in all bikes the lean limit and the instability limits at high lean angles;
Revised camera views (3rd person and added more instability to the 1st person cameras);

How to install:
1. To mix with other mods: Use the separated files inside de DATA folder, i assume that you already know how to unpack/pack mix files;

2. To play this mod only: Use the data.mix file. Replace the existing data.mix in the game’s folder by the one in this mod (remember to backup the original file first);


Author: Dyego JhOu


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