Ride 2 Real Challenge Physics Mod v1.1b by Dyego JhOu

Download Ride 2 Real Challenge Physics Mod by Dyego JhOu

Physics mod for a more competitive feeling to the game.


Instability: Added more instability to the bike at speeds. So with more power and more faster, more instability while leaning, braking and accelerating.

Braking: It’s more realistic to braking with this mod. Trail braking is the key for a good race riding, but Milestone makes it too easy: you can pull the brake lever at maximum at lower inclinations without much punishment. This changed with this mod. Now you must be smooth with the brakes to avoid falling.

Because of the amount of bikes in the game, I just adjusted the models available for rent. In further updates i’ll evaluate each bike. The overall physics was changed, so some bikes are already modded, but only the rent models were revised.


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